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blackberry memories

Blackberry Memories: The Unforgettable Story of a Little Girl’s Foundation, Faith and Favor That Led Her to a Life of Joy From a World of Poverty

Faith, Foundation, Favor

How did a little girl from the poverty-stricken Mississippi Delta end up with more blessings than anyone, including myself, could ever imagine? It is only through the divine intervention of God Almighty who I thank for showering me with his strength, grace and never-ending support throughout my life, making my medical career and this book possible. This work would be incomplete without acknowledging the pinnacle and incomprehensible source of my strength – my family.
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Blackberry memories

Blackberry Memories is an unforgettable American story of a little black girl growing up in rural Mississippi during the 1950’s and 60’s. Her story details the many challenges of gender and race during that era and beyond. Despite the many challenges, she details how her Foundation, Faith and Favor led her to a life of success and Joy from a world of poverty.

Blackberry Memories chronicles her life from the cotton fields of the Mississippi Delta to securing degrees from Alcorn State University, University of Minnesota Medical School, Morehouse School of Medicine and Emory University School of Public Health.

The book is dedicated to her mother, a well-known Mississippi quilter and includes a section showcasing many of her Mothers’ quilts and wall hangings.

blackberry memories cover
Dr. Margarett Bachus wilson md, mph

About the author

Dr. Margarett Ann (Bachus) Wilson, M.D., M.P.H., in a word, indescribable! It is indeed an arduous commission, to summarize a woman you have known your entire existence, in one page. To condense her influence, intelligence, kindness, creativity, charisma, humility, poise, and grace to a few words, is more than a formidable task, but I shall endeavor.
Margarett Ann, as her family calls her, is not what she has been through. Her ability to transpose and transfix herself and her circumstances, for the betterment of those around her is supernatural. She radiates positivity in her every breath. She is the one who will push you to your limits and beyond what you believe you are capable of, while nurturing and supporting you.

- Arle Michel
Dr. Margarett Bachus wilson md, mph

blackberry memories greeting cards

Celebrate the rich tapestry of life, resilience, and heritage with our exclusive “Blackberry Memories” Greeting Cards. Inspired by the poignant memoir of a young black girl’s journey through 1950s and 60s Mississippi, these cards are a testament to the enduring spirit of hope, faith, and determination.

A Touch of Heritage: With every card you send, share a piece of a remarkable journey from the cotton fields of Mississippi to the halls of prestigious universities. Let your loved ones know that their story, too, is one of potential, resilience, and triumph.

Whether you’re gifting “Blackberry Memories” or simply want to share a message of hope and perseverance, these greeting cards are the perfect accompaniment, capturing the essence of a transformative era and the indomitable spirit of those who lived through it.

Cards are suitable for framing.

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